This interview is the long-form version of a conversation about the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with Elizabeth Stark, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightning.

Clips from the interview

Sharing value
“Why does it take 3 days to send $30? We’ll see a radical change in how we exchange value.”

Abstracting complexity
“We learned a lot. Now blockchain technology is not very user-friendly. Complexity can be abstracted away from the user. Why is it easy to send an email, but not a small amount of value? The Internet does not allow that yet, for humans and machines.”

Use cases
“Necessity is the mother of adoption. Use cases are emerging for bitcoin and blockchain. Users may not know they are using the technology.”

Early days
“Parallels between blockchain and the early days of the Internet exist. Success is in no way guaranteed. A huge amount of progress has happened, and there is something here. A new way of transacting value is emerging.”