This interview is the long-form version of a conversation about blockchain, smart contracts, and how they are changing business and society with Caitlin Long, Chairman of the Board & President at Symbiont.

Clips from the interview

Automation and software in finance
“It’s going to take time. In 20 years, financial services will be just software.”

New roles
“AT&T and Verizon pivoted with wireless, but Kodak didn’t understand. Dig in, educate yourself.”

Reducing counterparty risk
“We don’t own the money/shares in our account, the banks own this. I’d like property rights go back to people who own assets. Take out counterparty risk with new technology.”

Power to the people
“Power to the people, power to mom and pop, to own the shares in their brokerage accounts. The pendulum will swing back. Confidence in capital markets will be higher, but some people make money off the current system, so they try to stop that.”