This interview is the long-form version of a conversation with Eric van der Kleij, Founder Adeptra, Level39, and Special Adviser on Fintech and Blockchain for UK Trade & Investment’s Global Entrepreneur Programme, and Zurich-based Kickstart Accelerator.

Clips from the interview

The relevance of blockchain for society
“What excites me is taking innovations and making them commercially relevant or relevant for society.”

Why blockchain?
“With the Nakamoto paper we saw something that could be potentially profound for all business.”

Time to adoption
“It takes longer in regulated industries. But the benefits in cost efficiencies are profound. All forecasts for adoption are wrong. The pace of change is faster than we imagine.”

Winners and losers
“Those who benefit from friction in society will be the losers. Innovators can work around this. Established players can’t imagine new business models. But don’t underestimate incumbents. They need to disrupt themselves.”

Transforming society
“Financial inclusion at low cost. The trick for large corporations is understanding that lower cost will widen markets and create prosperity. We had a wakeup call in societies that are provileged. We need to listen to those less privileged.”

Making the world a better place
“Creating the first job for someone is satisfying. My daughters ask what am I most proud of, it’s the fact that I came up with an idea that can employ others. Brain power created prosperity for 100 people. That’s one of the key drivers of my passion. I want to make the world better. We should have more of societal independence and less government, which we will need less of in the future.”