This interview is the long-form version of a conversation about blockchain and business consulting, and how they are changing in the future with Jan Seffinga, Partner at Deloitte Switzerland.


Clips from the interview

Disruptive potential of blockchain
“It changes our customers and it also changes us. This shows how disruptive blockchain could potentially be.:

Blockchain and the Big Four
“Traditional business of consulting might not change, but audit. New business models will emerge, based on transparency.”

Learning from blockchain
“We need to participate. The main new thing is the enthusiasm of especially young people.”

New ways of doing business
“What’s new is that there is nothing right or wrong. The biggest change is to encourage people to explore. That’s what needs to be done. Maybe 80 percent is wrong, and that’s OK. It’s a new way for us. I need the intelligence of all people.”

Gaining trust in blockchain
“There can be a clash within the company, some people want to do things the old way. We need to educate them. When people see the power of blockchain, they are usually on board.”